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Why You Should Consider Sending Your Child For Maths Tuition

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Why You Should Consider Sending Your Child For Math Tuition

The educational system in Singapore is constantly evolving. The topics and concepts we studied in the past are regularly updated to fit the modern context. These changes can make it challenging for many parents to tutor their children, especially when they progress to the next level.

However, parents also do not want their children to fall behind in their studies, which is why many turn to private tutors for assistance. This may explain why the tuition and enrichment industry in Singapore is estimated to be worth SGD$1 billion a year

However, is tuition mandatory? Well, certainly not! But students generally progress faster with outside guidance. So if you notice your child has been struggling with a particular subject, such as maths, you may want to consider enrolling them in a maths tuition centre. Read on to find out the benefits of doing so.

1. Helps your child maintain discipline

maintaining discipline math tuition singapore

Maths is more than a subject; it is an activity. Similar to riding a bicycle, a student requires regular practice to excel in maths. However, it can be a challenge for your child to maintain their concentration with multiple distractions surrounding them daily. 

This is where a maths tutor can step in to assist your child in maintaining their self-discipline. By undertaking regular maths tuition sessions under the guidance of a reliable maths tutor, your child can obtain consistent practice and remain on task.

2. Allows your child to clarify any doubts they have

kids clarifying doubts math tuition singapore

Some children are more reserved and can be hesitant to ask any questions during classes as they feel uncomfortable speaking out in a group setting. However, this also means they cannot clarify any doubts they have, impacting their learning progress. 

Fortunately, this group of students can still seek clarifications from their tutors when attending their maths tuition classes. The smaller group size and setting may also encourage them to speak up and ask any questions they may have missed during their regular maths lessons. 

3. Helps your child to catch up on their weaker topics

catch up on weaker topics math tuition singapore

Maths is a subject that regularly builds on one’s prior maths knowledge, and a weak foundation can hamper a child’s ability to pick up new concepts efficiently. An experienced maths tutor can identify areas of improvement and help to fill the gap.

Additionally, every student has their own learning style. As such, they may require customised feedback to help them understand the material. But this teaching style can be challenging for school teachers to provide since they oversee a bigger class size. 

However, this is less of a concern for students attending maths tuition as maths tutors typically oversee a smaller class size. Furthermore, the focused feedback and attention can have a positive impact on the students, helping to refine their work and ensuring they reach their full potential. 

4. Provides your child with more effective ways to tackle maths problems

learning effectively math tuition singapore

Maths tutors regularly stay up-to-date on the latest changes to the maths syllabus. As such, they have a crystal clear understanding of the multiple mathematical concepts found in the various topics. 

This allows maths tutors to view and tackle maths problems in the most streamlined and effective way. Subsequently, when they share their methods with their students, students may find that a challenging concept soon becomes much easier to digest and comprehend. 

Maths tuition classes in Singapore have become the norm rather than a privilege as more parents begin to enrol their children in enrichment courses. And it is not difficult to understand why given the numerous benefits they offer. However, it is vital to hire the right tutor to ensure your child reaches their maximum potential. 

At Learning Voyage, our tutors are committed to providing our students with the educational support they need to excel in school. If you are interested to learn more about our class schedules and rates, do not hesitate to contact our tuition centre at Hougang for more information!

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