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Tips To Improve Your Child’s Maths Score In Secondary School

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Tips To Improve Your Child's Math Score In Secondary School

Maths is a fun subject to learn. However, there is no denying it can be a challenge to master its various concepts, especially when one progresses to secondary school maths. The subject’s steep learning curve has undoubtedly incurred some levels of frustration among many students taking O level or N level maths

If your child has voiced similar concerns and is struggling to keep up with their school syllabus, fret not! We want to assure you that they are not alone in facing this struggle, and there are ways for your child to improve their maths score. Read on to find out more about how you can help your child score well for their maths exams. 

Tip #1: Advise your child to focus on mastering the fundamental topics first

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Maths is a subject that establishes links between its introductory and advanced topics. So what your child learns at the beginning of the semester is often crucial to understanding the later topics that are taught in class. Often, the advanced topics require a multi-step problem-solving process, with the first few steps frequently using techniques and concepts from introductory topics. 

If your child only has a passing knowledge of the relevant fundamental topics, they will likely need to spend additional time and effort to master the advanced topics. Therefore, you should advise your child to review their fundamental knowledge regularly. Ideally, they should be able to identify and know which basic techniques to utilise when tackling long multi-step questions. 

Tip #2: Provide your child with prior exam questions for their revision

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The Ministry of Education regularly updates the secondary maths syllabuses to fit a modern context. However, these tweaks are often built on the past core curriculum. So while there may be slight variations to the various modules and questions, the principles generally remain the same. 

This is why the 10-year series is often cited as the go-to revision tool for those studying O level maths. Furthermore, maths is a subject that requires regular practise to master its various concepts. So during your child’s next study session, you may want to consider providing them with past maths exam questions for their revision. These past test papers also serve as a guide to gauge how well-prepared your child is for their upcoming maths exam. 

Tip #3: Teach your child proper time management skills

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Many students do not score well for their maths exams because they often find themselves having insufficient time to complete the test papers. Others can finish the exam promptly but lack the time to check their work and correct any careless mistakes.

As you can see, proper time management is an essential skill that students need to possess to score well in their maths exams. While it is logical to tackle the test paper in sequential order, this is inadvisable as your child may find themselves stumped on a particular question, thereby wasting precious time. 

Instead, you should advise your child to complete the questions they are confident in first to guarantee these marks. Once these questions are completed, your child can proceed to the more challenging questions. Additionally, your child should always dedicate a portion of the time to checking their work to minimise the risk of careless mistakes. 

Tip #4: Enroll your child in secondary maths tuition classes

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Maths tuition classes in Singapore have been a time-tested aid in mastering the subject, which is why they are often the go-to options for many parents. While school teachers do an adequate job of introducing new maths concepts, they often lack the time to attend to every student’s gaps in knowledge. This is where a maths tutor can step in to clarify any doubts the students have and prepare them for any questions that an exam might throw at them.

At Learning Voyage, we offer secondary maths tuition classes, including A maths tuition lessons, to help students who are struggling with their secondary school maths topics. If you are looking for a reliable maths tutor to guide your child, do not hesitate to contact us to find out more!

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