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Our unique ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ Technique customises every lesson and learning opportunity to ensure improvement in our students’ grades.

Secondary Maths Overview

Secondary School Maths is built on foundations gleaned from Primary School Maths, and students will get the opportunity to explore theoretical Mathematics that could potentially determine their choice of studies or even career down the line. As Secondary School Maths is usually one of the hardest subjects to master, give your child proper guidance in O-Level Maths and N-Level Maths through our Secondary School Maths tuition programme in Singapore.

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O-Level A and E Maths

There is no doubt that many students have thought about and questioned the importance of O-Level Maths and why is it even necessary in their lives when in the future they might not even be doing anything related to Maths? I am sure thoughts such as; What is Maths? Why do we need Maths? Maths, in general, refers to the “science and study of quality, structure, space, and change.” Many students dislike Maths. After all, they find it boring and difficult to understand because they do not get excited when they see numbers and formulas. However, Maths isn’t all about calculating numbers. From a different perspective, Maths helps us develop our analytical skills, critical thinking skills, and the ability to reason.

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The idea of Maths is generally loved or hated by students. Students either love Maths or hate them; there is no in-between. However, Maths is undoubtedly an important subject in the O-Level Examination and plays a massive role in the overall aggregate results. There are two kinds of O-Level Maths; Elementary Maths and Additional Maths.

A Maths is a stepping stone for your child’s STEM ambitions in tertiary education and beyond. Advanced topics like calculus essential to relevant tertiary courses will be introduced in the syllabus and expanded upon throughout the next two years. Strengthen your child’s A Maths proficiency with our A Maths tuition programme in Singapore.

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O-Level Maths is all about the understanding of the topics and their concepts instead of memorisation. Understanding the concepts is paramount and plays a vital role in guiding students to good grades. When it comes to Maths, the answers are always constant. As long as the students can produce the answers with correct workings, it is definite that they will get the marks they deserve. Maths is all about having consistency and hard work. If students display constant practice, they will improve and eventually do well in the O-Level Maths Examination.

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