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Our unique ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ Technique customises every lesson and learning opportunity to ensure improvement in our students’ grades.

Primary School Maths Overview

Primary School Maths is the foundation that will prepare students for more advanced, higher education studies. Give your child the head start they need with our Primary School Maths tuition programme in Singapore, designed to equip them with the knowledge and skills needed to excel through holistic and engaging learning experiences.

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PSLE Maths

The Primary School Leaving Examination, or PSLE for short, is one of the national examinations every student has to go through at the end of their six years in Primary school. It determines the school and stream that students choose to pursue their higher studies. Seeing as it will be the first national exams that students have to go through in their educational journey, the need to do well and worried parents are the two things that stays the same throughout the years. Many parents have also turned towards enrolling their children in Primary Maths tuition in Singapore to help their children obtain a better PSLE score.

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One thing that students always seem to have a hard time with, in general, would be Maths. Regardless of age and gender, maths has been something of a topic among students with its extensive formulas and methods for problem-solving. As such, we often hear our friends and students groaning at the mere mention of the subject, unwilling to partake in the thought of it. The reason why Maths can be tough stems from abstract concepts, needing students to effectively visualise, understand and provide substantial evidence that leads to the correct answer.

Additionally, as the student progresses in their educational journey, the difficulty level is sure to rise. However, Maths, at its core, can be applied to in our daily lives and is one of the most important subjects that your child can learn to excel in. It is an excellent tool for developing mental discipline and encouraging logical reasoning and cognitive rigour.

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Practice makes perfect, and this holds true for maths. Excelling in Primary Maths requires students first to have a strong foundation and consistent practice to grasp the subject fully. The learning journey is as important as the learning outcome. Building familiarity in different maths questions will eventually increase your child’s confidence, enabling them to feel more at ease when sitting for their PSLE Maths examination. As such, when your child eventually graduates and moves on to Secondary School, the confidence and foundation that they have built up will surely come in handy in the long run as the difficulty level rises. Working on areas of weakness and knowing your child’s strengths can give your child an added advantage in scoring well for his/her PSLE Maths.

Give your child the support he/she needs to prepare for the PSLE Maths. Enrol your child in our Primary Math Tuition in Singapore today! Contact us.

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