Our unique ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ Technique customises every lesson and learning opportunity to ensure improvement in our students’ grades.

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Our unique ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ Technique customises every lesson and learning opportunity to ensure improvement in our students’ grades.

Hi fellow parents! I’m Andy, founder of Learning Voyage, currently pursuing Masters in Mathematics for Educators at the National Institute of Educators (NIE). Over the past 10 years, I have personally coached more than 500 students and helped previously borderline scorers use a disciplined approach to shoot their scores up to A1/A2s (and at the same time develop a love for Math)… even if they were previously failing the subject, scoring E8s and F9s!

Ultimately, my aim is to bring students on a journey to help them understand and build better foundation in Math concepts, help them recharge their confidence and inculcate a love for Maths!

Over the past 10 years as an educator, parents have been approaching me…asking me about the ‘secret formula’ that their children can apply immediately to score better for their Maths exams…

Introducing The 3-Step ‘Plug-theGaps’ Technique:
How Your Child Can Easily Jump To A1/A2 By
Filling Up His ‘Knowledge Gaps’!

At Learning Voyage, we have created a ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ technique that allows us to identify, focus and fill in the existing gaps that has been causing students to struggle in getting an “A1/A2” in Maths.

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This 3-step proven technique is developed based on 10 years of tutoring experience* and 4 years spent in developing my own customised teaching materials.

And I’ll be revealing this special technique in the ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ Trial Class to help your child secure that ‘A’ in his upcoming O & A-level Maths papers!

Before your child attends the exclusive (limited-time-only) trial class, here’s an overview of what each step is about in our ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ technique:

  • During the trial, you/your child will have the opportunity to ask any burning questions/ formulas or concepts learnt in school, so do come prepared!
  • After identifying the “Knowledge Gaps” with the questions asked, we will know the problem and weak areas to focus on.
  • An in-house customised set of Easy-Medium-Hard questions on the topic that he/she needs help in will be given, and we will start plugging these gaps, ON THE SPOT.
  • In attempting the questions given, step-by-step coaching will be provided, from start to finish. This will enable you/your child to tackle Math questions with both speed and pinpoint accuracy.
  • After the lesson, I will share briefly on the areas to look out for, to help you improve and prevent future mistakes.
  • Parents, when you drop by to pick up your child after the trial class, I will share briefly on your child’s Maths status, and the areas to look out for so that you can help your child continue to improve!

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