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O Level Maths Tuition

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Apply for O Level Maths Tuition at Learning Voyage, and get instant peer-to-peer attention approach to clarify doubts.

O Level Maths Tuition

If you are a parent, tired of seeing your child’s poor marks even you are doing the best in the world, a math tutor will give you peace to send your child to learn better with visual tools for a deep understanding of every concept.

If you are a student, need help in learning on your own pace with the presence of a math expert in Singapore, Andy Woo is here to help to give you reasoning learning and not useless memorization. Indeed, math is a tough subject, but it is also the most important foundational subject not to ignore.

What will O Level Maths Tuition Teach?

The major covered in O Level are:

  • Number and Algebra
  • Geometry and Measurement
  • Statistics and Probability

What can You Expect at Learning Voyage?

Expect a number of things when you enroll at our coaching center. Most of all, a unique technique customized for every lesson that ensures unbeatable learning opportunities and improved grades and knowledgeable skills, “Plug-the-Gaps.”

Plug-the-Gaps, a self-tested and self-improve learning technique, it is exclusively available to each student in the class. We would not let any student under our teaching center to face feelings of extreme unlikeness and boring engagement with Maths.

Other things:

  • A systematic chapter-wise revision as per student’s learning pace and time availability.
  • We include periodical assessments, chapter feedback, and simple and surprise evaluations.
  • We do a discussion of previous question papers and other mock tests for improvement areas.
  • We’ve a scheduled dedicated solely for syllabus completion and mock exams.

At Learning Voyage, we understand each student’s learning speed with O Level Maths.

  • This subject forms the fundamental basis for advanced studies as well as helps in the brain development of a student.
  • It involves the development of problem-solving capabilities, interpreting, and accumulating skills for better results.

The tuition’s highlight includes a small, capped class with around 15-20 students for proper distribution of time and attention. It ensures that every student will receive quality-teaching experience and won’t feel lost during the class.

If you’d like to know more about the Plug-the-Gaps technique or tutors, do visit our web site’s pages, uniquely dedicated to all kinds of queries of parents and students alike.

Contact us and book your space for O Level Maths Tuition at Learning Voyage. Learn geometry, measurement, statistics, and probability to analyze statistical data, linking in daily-life and different shapes and sizes.

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