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Help Your Child Deal With Stress Before Their Maths Exams

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Help Your Child Deal With Stress Before Their Math Exams

It is natural for your child to feel anxious before their maths exams as they fear disappointing their parents and losing the respect of their peers if they perform poorly in the subject. 

In fact, a study conducted by Focus on the Family Singapore found that students in Singapore are more worried about their exams compared to the pandemic. While it is natural that exams may cause some worry among students, high levels of stress can contribute to test anxiety if left unchecked. This can, in turn, affect their academic performance and lead to other forms of mental health issues. 

As such, it is crucial for parents to tune in to their children’s emotional needs to mitigate the negative effects of test anxiety on their kids. Beyond ensuring your child receives proper guidance by signing them up for maths tuition so that they are better prepared for their tests, here is how you can help your child cope with their exam stress.

Tip #1: Ensure your child takes regular breaks

child taking a break Math tuition in Singapore

Maths is a mentally-challenging subject. It is common to find your child’s concentration decreasing significantly after spending a few hours tackling various maths problems. When this happens, it is advisable to take a study break to allow their brain to rest and recuperate. 

While it may sound tempting for your child to push through and complete their revision session before taking a break, this move is often counter-productive as fatigue can affect their productivity and memory. So do not begrudge your child some relaxation time after they have returned home from a long day at school or from their maths tuition classes.

Tip #2: Exercise with your child

child exercising Math tuition in Singapore

Studies have shown that exercise can have a positive impact on a person’s mood. This is because when we exercise, our bodies release chemicals called endorphins, which trigger positive feelings, thereby reducing stress. 

Furthermore, this activity helps increase one’s mental alertness and boost their energy, which may be what your child requires to complete the final stretch of their maths revisions. And it does not have to be an intense exercise session either; a brisk walk at the nearby park with your child can do wonders for their concentration. 

Tip #3: Listen to your child

listening to your child Math tuition in Singapore

It is easy for your child to feel overwhelmed by their emotions as they have less experience dealing with stressful situations. During this stressful time, they may require a listening ear so that they feel heard and supported. You may find that a good talk can go a long way to alleviate your child’s stressful thoughts. 

Tip #4: Do not let your child burn the midnight oil 

burntout child

Given the increased number of subjects students have to take in secondary school and junior college, it is common to find teenagers studying late into the night because they feel the need to cram as much revision as possible.

However, studying late at night can affect one’s mental alertness the next day, especially if they are getting insufficient sleep, which can result in a decrease in their productivity. Additionally, the lack of sleep can impact their anxiety and stress levels.

You should also take your child’s schedule into account. If your child has had a long day after attending their evening secondary maths tuition class, you may want to suggest they turn in early for the night to ensure they are well-rested rather than burn the midnight oil. 

It is essential for parents to recognise signs of stress in their children and help them to manage their anxieties. Your support can go a long way in reducing your child’s anxiety levels and ensuring they feel supported when tackling their upcoming maths exam.

In addition to your child’s emotional needs, you should also aim to cater to their practical needs. If you notice your child is struggling with the subject, you may want to consider signing them up for maths tuition lessons to ensure they do not fall behind in their studies.

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