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His constant encouragement is the main reason why I am able to improve my grades exams after exams and eventually obtaining a distinction in my O’levels – Joey Wong,  Class of 2016, PLMGS

Hi Andy ! you have been a great help to me!! i was getting f9 for my amaths until i had tuition with you !! for olevels i got an A2. my emaths wasnt very good either i had been failing my class test but with your help eventually i got an a1 for olevels. thank you very much !!you have made a huge impact and i would not have gotten where i have without your help. you are a friendly tutor who is very understanding and also very approachable.your teaching methods have helped me improve greatly. thank you for spending time to slowly teach me until i understood the topic. you explain things in a way that is easy for me to comprehend and it helped build a better foundation to my maths. having lessons with you was quite fun as i learned things better and clearer than in school. also thank you for spending extra time having extra lessons with me it helped alot! thank you for arranging your schedule to suit my very tight schedule ! you are the best math tutor i have ever had and if i need math tution i would look for you again!

Chi Lin

I think Andy is a good tutor. When i am unsure of a question , he will do his best to teach us the best way to answer the question and makes sure that we can answer the same question in the future. Thanks for your guidance and patience all these while!


I was always hesitant to ask questions in school as everyone else seemed to have understood what was being taught by the teacher on the first time.Asking questions would then slow down the pace of learning for my class.

In my tuition class however, I took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

I remember there was once when I came to class with a list of questions to ask. Mr.Woo made sure that I have had the answers to all of those questions before class ended and in truth, class was extended for a while for the very same purpose.

Misconceptions of mine were cleared and for all subsequent lessons, I asked whatever I was unsure of for I knew that he would answer them.Mathematics then became manageable and interesting for I would start to ponder about the possible solutions to a question.

Mr.Woo always recommends his students to have a notebook to take down notes for Mathematics. For those who didn’t take down notes or for when there was this tricky question type we never could understand, he was patient enough to repeat himself over and over again.

In addition to being patient, he was willing to go the extra mile for his students. There was no hesitation of any sort for him to share about his own life experiences.Much encouragement was also given to me in bleak times where it was most needed.The “O level survival kit” touched me a lot and during the intense studying period before the imminent O level exams, he was always available for questions via whatsapp.

I eventually got an A2 for both my A and E maths.I may have gotten better if I did not make so many careless mistakes. Although stating my results here is solely for it to be used as evidence of the tuition’s effectiveness, it is like Mr.Woo to say that results are not everything.

Thanks a lot for all the help rendered !
I could never have gotten such great results without your help.

Soh Wan Xuan

I got to know Andy through some of my friends recommendations.At first,I was a little sceptical as I thought how much difference a single teacher can make in my upcoming O’levels exam.He is a nice person,never once did he became frustrated at me despite the questions I was asking him.Well,everyone has a possibility to do well in their O’levels math without tuition right? But Andy turned that possibility into a certainty for me ! Of course,without hard work,you wouldnt be able to achieve much.So,together with your hard work and Andy’s guidance,O level emath and amath will be a breeze! I have obtained A1 for emath and A2 for amath for this year O’levels,so believe in the wonders of having this tuition,in order to not make any regrets for your upcoming O’levels !

Remus lee

To my dearest Mathematics tutor, Mr. Andy Woo.

I would like to thank you for your constant support and guidance throughout the 4years of tutoring me.
Andy has always been patient with me as a friend and a tutor. I must admit that I had a bad temper when he first tutored me. It is tough for any tutor to tolerate my attitude. Then, both EMath & Amath were at the grade of F9. However, under his guidance, I was able to master the fundamentals of Mathematics.
With that, I constantly scored A1 for both Amath & Emath, THROUGHOUT my entire upper secondary eduation.

You’re the best Mathematics tutor I can ever ask for. You’re the coolest, smartest and always up-to-date to everything that’s got to do with Maths! OH and, I must say, Andy makes lessons so easy that you can hardly believe. His technique of teaching and his attitude towards teaching is very much commendable.

Thank you so much for all these while and thank you for making me LOVE mathematics so much! I honestly miss Secondary school now, because Mathematics is so fun and interesting!

I love you Mr. Woo, and I’ll miss your lessons dearly(:

Eo Siang Hu

Back in Secondary 1, I was your average student. I wasn’t scoring for anything. My grades were pretty terrible by the end of the year. My grades got progressively worse and worse, and I felt lost, discouraged and honestly – I just didn’t give a hoot about my studies anymore at that point. My friends then encouraged me to join The Learning Voyage to improve my maths, and I followed their advice. I signed up when I was in Secondary Two and my grades did improve, from my average C5 to B3 or an occasional distinction.

However, when I was introduced to Additional Mathematics in Secondary Three, that was when all hell broke loose. I flunked every single A Maths tests and exams! I told Andy about my problems and he encouraged me to sign up for his AMaths class as well. After a rigorous 6 months of O Level preperations and with the help of Andy, I managed to get a B3!

AMaths: F9 just 6 months before O Levels, to a B3!
EMaths: C5 to A2

If it wasn’t for Andy’s constant encouragement and help, I would have never improved. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement, Andy. You truly are a great tutor!

Justin Ooi

I have had quite a few tutors in the past, but none of them were as cool as Andy. Not only could he teach well, but he could also connect with us students. I could talk to him about all sorts of things, whether it be about my school life or even football (he is a Man Utd fan). But of course, he knows when to be serious as well. This balance makes his lessons far more enjoyable and conducive than other tutors, which allows me to absorb much more. I would eagerly await each of Andy’s lessons, whereby I would normally despise other tuition.

As a mathematics tuitor, Andy is objectively brilliant. His math skills are god-tier; he could solve math questions that even rendered my school teachers helpless. He could even forge simpler yet more effective methods to questions, rather than the convoluted solutions that the school provides. He is also extremely patient, and will not give up until students truly understand.

I used to be a plebeain before i was taken under Andy’s tutelage. But now, I a mathematics patrician, and a proud owner of distinctions for my ‘O’ Level mathematics examinations. Truly, Andy is a wonderful tutor.

10/10 would tuition again


In the past, I had no confidence in mathematics as it made no sense to me. I always borderlined passed or failed the exams which made scoring distinctions unfeasible. As my parents were disappointed, they enrolled me to Learning Voyage. I was frankly hesistant to join at first as at the past tuitions did not work for me. But I knew I had to do something about my grades. My algebra was very weak, I could not understand the rules as it made no sense to me. However, with Mr Andy time and effort, I could understand algebra! Soon after understanding, he drilled questions on me to do even tougher questions, which made my grades jump to D7 to A2 on my next test. Soon after that, I couldn’t remember a day I failed my mathematics test. I am very grateful to Mr Andy for his patience and willingness to teach. His teaching methods are very effective and he taught some methods for us to remember certain values. Without him, I would not know whether mathematics is still one of my favourite subjects…

Weng Onn

Thanks Mr Woo for teaching me since secondary 2 and for making math lessons fun for me and teaching me to enjoy the subject more and more throughout the years.

Benjamin Yew

Joined in secondary 4 and thought it was too late to save my grades for math because i was constantly either failing or boarderline passing. However, Mr Andy’s teaching made both math and amath fun. His constant encouragement is the main reason why I am able to improve my grades exams after exams and eventually obtaining a distinction in my O’levels. Mr Andy teaches math topic by topic making it easier for me to spot the topics i am weak in.

To Mr Andy:
Thank you for always encouraging me and believing in me!! I’ve improved tremendously and I can’t thank you enough for the effort you have put in the ensure that I do well for the 2 maths �


was failing my Amath really badly in sec 3 but was recommended by my friends to join his tuition centre and i started to understand more and more topics after joining his tuition. this is because he is very understanding and patient. mr woo would use different ways to encourage and motivate his students to not give up. not only during tuition, he would clarify and help me to understand more through whatsapp. thanks to him, i am really satisfied with both my emath and amath olvl results!! 🙂 would recommend learning voyage to my juniors, family and friends. thank you mr woo!!

lam xin yi

Hey Andy you are caring, patient, passionate and always made sure we understood what is being thought. You share many life stories and also, does not hesitate to provide us with different math methods to solve a question. At times, when we are really exhausted, you will give us a question relating to our real life application and i got to learn more stuff. You go the extra mile and made sure we were well prepared for our o level. You even made a box containing things inside to spur us on for the “marathon”
Thanks for teaching me for the past few years and although my grades aren’t that great(hah get it) but i enjoyed the journey. BEST TUTOR!!!!

Kai Jie

I am very grateful that I have been tutored by Teacher Andy since secondary 1. Teacher Andy has always made lessons fun and interesting, giving us questions that made us think out of the box. He laid out our foundation for math really well, which was the reason why I could score A1 for both maths in the recent O levels 😀 ! Thank you Teacher Andy for all the useful tips and advices you have given us! I strongly recommend Teacher Andy if you are looking for a great math tutor!

Shannen Lee

Teacher Andy has taught me Additional Math for two years. He guided me by teaching me how to properly present my answers, avoid carelessness and do questions which are more challenging. The resources he gives in class are extremely useful with questions that help strengthen foundation and questions that stretch my thinking. This allowed me to be prepared for any such questions that appear in O-levels.By going for classes, it gave me an opportunity to practice more outside of school work as well as learn new tips. Due to this, I managed to score an A1 in Additional Math. Even in class it is apparent that he is always trying his very best in helping all the students improve. He is also witty and makes classes enjoyable to attend. I appreciate his great efforts. Thank you Teacher Andy for the past two years, it has taught me a lot and I look forward to coming back for JC math as well 🙂

Eliza Wong

Tutor Andy,你是一位能让母亲放心的老师.在你的耐心和指导之下.我看到了孩子的成绩大不同.谢谢你,让我从容的面对孩子的考試


I’m a very lazy person by nature, so it’s pretty difficult for me to get anything done, with or without a tutor. Miraculously, I became more motivated once I met Andy along with his constant little words of encouragements, and quotes at the bottom of his worksheets.

Andy is probably one of the most approachable and patient people I know, not hesitating to guide students along whatever path they have to take, be it whatever Maths question or troubles in school and life.

A little over a month after Andy started teaching me, I subconsciously found myself looking forward to each class, simply because I found out that Math wasn’t as boring as I kept convincing myself it was.

The extra lessons conducted before the actual times were of great benefit, especially the period leading up to O Levels, with constant pushing and motivation from Andy.

A1 for E Maths, A2 for A Maths, and I definitely couldn’t have done it without your help. Thanks Andy! 😀


Andy is an awesome tutor to me as he is always very encouraging and patient. Also wlling to go the extra mine to explain something that I did not fully understand. He always made lessons enjoyable and lively instead of how other tutors may teach, all work and no play. Making me have a greater interest in math and keen on learning more. Thanks again teacher Andy as I would not have been able to get both my maths(especially Amath) to both grade As!

Darren Teo

Math is an important subject for all ‘O’ Level students and I have been fortunate in my sec sch life to have so many teachers that made a difference in my life. Mr Woo is one of them. He made Mathematics a very interesting subject. At times when I felt like giving up, his patience and encouragement for me was heart warming. I decided to persevere and I managed to obtain B3 in both E and A Maths. His heart is always with his students. On the day before the Math exam he was still encouraging me and ensuring that I have got the necessary stationaries for the paper. I will never forget what he had done for me. Thank you Mr Woo, the most dedicated teacher : )

Lim Si XianNan Chiau High

Andy is an amazing tutor- no doubt about it.

Not only is he great at math, understanding all the secondary school concepts like the back of his hand( also up to date, none of us have managed to identify a question that he wasn’t able to solve), he is also patient-there were several times in which he would spend hours on only a few questions, so that we can fully comprehend the concept.

He is meticulous, taking the time and effort to mark every single one of our worksheets, and even going through what would be a more appropriate presentation.

He is caring- and has no qualms in giving us practices on certain tough questions, and even extending the duration of the tuition so that he can explain a certain concept in further depth. He also doesn’t hesitate to offer extra lessons before a class test, or before a EOY exam. Before the O’levels exam, he even took the effort to construct an ” O’level survival kit” for us, with some quirky stuff inside and good luck notes.

Perhaps most of all, above all this, is his understanding of a student’s mindset and needs. He goes beyond the calling of a tutor, giving us advice on life and school, and also offers his suggestions on life matters, giving his two cents worth based on his years of experience as both a tutor and a student. He jokes around and engage in constant banter with us. He understands that every individual has his own way of learning, and never adopts the method of droning on about a question, and always tries different approaches to teach us the math concepts.

I have benefitted from Andy’s tuition immensely. In the year 2011 I was flunking every math test there was. I was at the bottom of the class, and had a really horrible attitude towards math. Then my friend recommended me to Andy. From then on, ever since 2012, I have got mostly distinctions for math, and even Amath in 2013 and 2014. In the end, he had guided me- from an F9 student in math to scoring A1 in both Amath and Emath in the O’levels.

Andy has my gratitude. And without his constant nagging and motivation, i wouldn’t even have dreamed of getting A1s for both my math. Thanks Andy!!


I started joining Andy’s tuition in late July last year. During that time I was really worried if changing a tutor at such a last minute would affect my math grades. But Andy proved it wrong! He is such a wonderful tutor! He encouraged us to do more papers so that we have more questions for him

Ang Xuan Yun

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue
Tuition Is Cool
With Andy Woo!

Andy is not only an amazing tutor, he can also be an amazing friend. He not only guided me through my difficulties with mathematics, he also guided me through the O Levels by providing support and encouragement that no other tutor can provide. He is a very friendly, funny ,and open person, who you will feel comfortable around. All in all i have achieved success after joining Learning Voyage and i have no regrets with choosing Andy’s tuition.
TLDR: 0As>2As in maths

Lee Xuanhui

Hi Mr Andy!

Thank you so much (really) for tutoring me 🙂

I’m the type that cannot pay attention in class especially if the lessons are monotonous. Hence as you can tell, I didn’t focus during maths class in sec 1 (it was so bad I tell you). Since I wasn’t paying attention during class time, my maths grades have always been either a fail or just pass.

However when I started tuition under Mr Andy, my grades has improved A LOT. A few reasons are because his lessons are interactive, he goes through the syllabus thoroughly, BUT the main reason is because he is very encouraging. (ง •̀_•́)ง

Mr Andy has been pushing me and encouraging me each time as I attend his tuition. Whenever I make a mistake in doing the questions (and it’s mostly careless haha), his first reaction is: “aiyoooooh Junnnnnnn” and he would stare at me something like => щ(ಠ益ಠщ), but he never fails to say: “jiayou Jun you can do it!” and does this action => (ง •̀_•́)ง

Although these are just simple gestures that he does often and that you might not realize but this shows his encouragement for his students that he wants them to do their best, and his dedication to be there and guide us 😀

So yes please do be tutored under mr Andy if you ever need help! These reviews are written personally by us, his ex students.

To Mr Andy:
Thank you for encouraging me to do my best and for believing and not giving up on me to reach my full potential! I wish you all the best 🙂

And yes distinctions for both E and A maths (ノ゚▽゚)ノ


Back when I was still a secondary one student, my Math was really weak. However, ever since I joined Learning Voyage, my math result has significantly improved under the help of Mr Andy. Not only was his explanation of mathematical concepts clear and precise, but it was also easy to understand. Mr Andy is an amazing and innovative tutor and all of his lessons are a pleasant experience for me. Thank you Mr Andy for your guidance in Math.

Suan Leng

Thank you for tutoring me since sec 3. Noy only are your classes fun, you are also able to help me understand concepts I could never grasp on my own.

Jax chia

Both my son & daughter were students from Learning Voyage. They were very weak in A math & did rather poorly for their first common test in Sec 3. After attending lessons with Mr Andy Woo, they both showed improvement & confidence in the subject just after afew months. Mr Woo is patient & able to help them understand many key concepts that they are unsure of when taught in sch. I was told that Mr Woo focuses on their weaker areas to ensure doubts are clarified. As Mr Woo is approachable & encouraging, they enjoyed his tuition lessons & have shown progress & results consistently. It is a blessing to have Mr Woo as their math tutor.

Jolene Chung

My average for math has always been a C6 from sec 1 to sec 2 i joined Andy when it was almost my sec 2 EOY it was a little bit too late for that exam but afterwards i saw a great improvement in my maths in the following year in sec 3 thanks to Andy and his homework that i cannot seem to finish in time. He was very patient with me even though i kept asking the same questions that he already answered it countless of times. He even encourages us to message him through whats app if there are any questions that we don’t know. He is a great teacher that is capable of making maths fun and enjoyable he will ask impossible math related questions at the start of the class and if anyone can solve it we will get a treat. I would without a doubt recommend learning voyage to my juniors. Andy even gave us a survival kit before our o levels to get us more prepared. The time spent in his class was memorable and definitely not a waste of time. Lastly, thank you Andy without your help i couldn’t possibly have passed my O levels.


Thank you for helping me In my math for the past 3 years! When I first joined my math concepts needed a lot of work, but due to his guidance and teachings I managed to get distinctions for both my maths. I particularly enjoy the questions and quizzes he will test during the lessons, as they are fun and really allow you to exercise your brain. Also, he is really approachable and friendly, and is very patient in explaining the concepts that I have difficulty in understanding. His explanations are clear and a lot of practice is given so that you really have a grasp on the style of questions. I find that he really cares for his students, motivating them to do their best and not giving up on them. I definitely would not have the same results today without the tuition. Thank you Mr Woo! 🙂


Even with my extremely poor foundation in Math, thanks to Mr Woo, I was able to get A1s for both Maths for my O levels! He is a very patient, understanding and dedicated teacher who does not only help us academically, but also strives to expand and cultivate an interest for Math in us. Not only did I get to obtain favourable results (through his incredible notes and quality worksheets he gives) , I enjoyed my time there immensely. He tries to make tuition for his students as enjoyable as possible and never gives up on his students despite us losing faith in ourselves. It’s definitely comforting whenever he gives us “breaks”, ask about our school life or make a light-hearted joke to relieve our stress! I’m forever grateful to have him as my Math tutor for the past 2 years and I highly recommend Mr Woo!


Teacher Andy has taught me mathematics for 4 years. Throughout these 4 years, I can safely say that teacher andy is the most patient teacher I ever had. He has never ever lost his temper at his students and will keep reteaching the concepts of math until his students fully understand no matter how tiring and troublesome it is. The way he teaches math is very clear. This has allowed me to grasp the concepts much easier,and under his care his guidance, it allowed me to score distinction in both Elementary and Additional Mathematics.

Xaiver Goh

Two of my friends recommended Teacher Andy to me because for their daughters, Maths is their weakest subjects in school but after attending Teacher Andy’s classes they achieved distinction in Maths. So I sent my 2 children to teacher Andy classes.

Andy is a very patient teacher. He helps my children to build good foundation and develop their mathematical abilities. He motivates my children to always try their best and makes Maths interesting for them. My daughter scored distinction for her Maths and Add Maths in the O Level Exam last year. Because of his dedication, patient and commitment to students’ success, I have recommended Teacher Andy to many of my friends.

Andy, thank you for being a great Maths teacher and making a difference in my children’s lives. May you continue to inspire greatness in all of your students.

Alwyn Lee