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Our unique ‘Plug-the-Gaps’ Technique customises every lesson and learning opportunity to ensure improvement in our students’ grades.

JC Maths Overview

JC Maths marks a significant shift from Secondary School Maths, as both H1 and H2 Maths comprise an even wider range of topics and require higher order analytical skills. Our JC Math tuition programme in Singapore makes learning enjoyable and effective, simplifying complex concepts into easy-to-understand ideas.

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A Level Maths is a highly competitive and rigorous subject, both at H1 and H2 or even H3 level, as students are exposed to a large amount of content that they are required to learn and apply within 1.5 years. In addition, A Level students are also expected to master large amounts of content for their other A Level subjects too, which has proven to be an extremely uphill task for all students. To that end, additional guidance is always helpful, and that’s what we aim to do with our A-level Maths tuition programme in Singapore, giving your child opportunities to grow into the subject in a conducive and encouraging learning environment.

H1,H2 Maths

A-Level Maths is a popular subject taken by A-Level students, both at the H1 and H2 level. The course is designed in order to prepare students for further education in universities by equipping them with a strong foundation in basic and advanced mathematical skills, together with exposure to application questions in real-life contexts. Through applications of Maths, students can also expect to develop an appreciation for Maths and its connections to other disciplines and the real world.

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A-Level Maths is seen as a challenge for most students due to the requirement of a good foundation in Maths, which should have been built during their Primary and Secondary school days. However, despite this, the jump from O Level Maths/IP Maths to A-Level Maths is extremely large, and students need to grasp a good foundation in the new skills and concepts introduced in order to do well at the A-Level Maths standard. Furthermore, since the A-Level syllabus demands a large amount of application of the concepts into novel and real-life situations, students might find this application aspect challenging, resulting in lowered motivation to do well for their A-Level Maths.

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With all the challenges surrounding A-Level Maths, coupled with the fast-paced learning environment in JC, students tend to struggle with keeping up with the syllabus – resulting in lowered motivation and declining results. However, this stress can easily be avoided through picking up essential tips and tricks to do well in A-Level Maths, as well as through engaging additional help early in order to build a solid foundation in A-Level Maths.

Even when your child do well in A-Level Maths, he/she can do better with proper guidance. Enrol your child in our A-level Maths and JC Maths Tuition in Singapore. Contact us.

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