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5 Tips To Help Your Child Revise For Their PSLE Math

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The Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) is the first significant assessment every student in Singapore faces. The grades a student receives for their exams will determine the educational path they embark on in the next stage of their learning journey. As such, there is often a significant emphasis placed on scoring well for the PSLE exams.

As a parent, it is natural for you to want your child to ace their tests. However, beyond enrolling your kid in a primary maths tuition class, you might be wondering what else you can do to give your child an added advantage in his/her maths exams. Well, if it is within your capability to do so, you should definitely help with your child’s revision.

And with the recent change to the PSLE scoring system, obtaining an excellent grade so that your child stands a better chance of enrolling in their ideal secondary school has become even more challenging. This is where your helping hand can go a long way in aiding your kid’s understanding of the various mathematical concepts taught at school and maths tuition.

Besides providing your child with a conducive study environment and enrolling him/her in a maths tuition centre, let us outline the various tips you can consider implementing to help your child with his/her PSLE maths revision.

Tip #1: Start early and plan ahead

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Never underestimate the importance of starting your child’s maths revision early. With sufficient time, your child need not rush through their revision and can dedicate the proper attention required to master each topic. If he/she has any queries during his/her study session, he/she can clarify these questions in his/her maths tuition classes.

However, all the time in the world would still be insufficient without proper planning. Haphazard revision might not be beneficial for your child in the long term. You can remedy this issue by helping your kid plan out a study timetable. 

Try to ensure there are ample breaks staggered throughout the session for your child to rest and recharge. And avoid cramming several challenging topics into a single study session. After all, you don’t want your kid to suffer from burnout before their exams begin.

Tip #2: Find out which topics your child struggles with

It is impossible for an exam to comprise questions that cover only a select few topics. Generally, you can expect the PSLE maths paper to cover a broad spectrum of mathematical concepts introduced in school. As such, you should ensure your child covers all his/her bases by brushing up on his/her weaker topics. 

If you are unsure which topics your child struggles with at school, you can consult their maths teacher. Knowing this information can also help you plan out your child’s study timetable, allowing you to dedicate more time for them to focus on the concepts they struggle to comprehend. 

Additionally, let your child know that they should never hesitate to clarify any doubts during their maths tuition lessons. Often, a maths tutor can offer a unique perspective that can aid your child in understanding a challenging concept. 

Tip #3: Identify the common mistakes your child is making

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It is natural for your child to make mistakes during their revision sessions. The key is to avoid making the same error during their tests. As your child attempts  the various maths problems, make it a habit to review and point out the common mistakes he/she is making. 

By bringing awareness to your child’s mistakes and teaching him/her to reflect on why the errors occur, you are increasing your kid’s alertness to them over time. This can prevent your child from committing the same mistakes during the exam. 

Tip #4: Introduce your child to Maths Heuristics

You may have come across the words “Maths Heuristics” online and wondered what this term entails. In layman’s terms, Maths Heuristics refers to a set of problem-solving rules that can be applied to maths questions. 

They are a valuable toolbox that encourages creative thinking in your child, which can benefit their problem-solving performance. Having an in-depth understanding of Maths Heuristics can drastically improve his/her chances of solving the challenging maths problems many students encounter in the upper primary levels.

Tip #5: Ensure your child is well-rested for their exams

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As your child counts down to the date of their PSLE exams, he/she might feel the added pressure of cramming to ensure that he/she can absorb as much information as possible. However, we advise against encouraging such behaviours, as last-minute revisions can heap undue stress and pressure on your kid.

Do not begrudge your child an opportunity to unwind after a long day attending his/her maths tuition classes. But do ensure that he/she turns in early the night before his/her exams so that he/she feels rejuvenated and recharged to tackle his/her upcoming tests.

At the end of the day, the most important thing you can do as a parent is to keep a lookout for your child’s well-being. Advise him/her to stay calm and maintain a positive mindset heading into his/her maths exams. Through your affirmative actions, you are providing him/her with the right platform to excel in his/her exams.

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