Getting my a** out of the comfort zone

A new year, a new beginning. I have always wanted to open a tuition centre. The previous venture into the Residents’ Committees was a stepping stone. I have to express my gratitude to Compassvale Lodge RC, Punggol Gardens RC and Compassvale Vista RC for giving Learning Voyage the chance to teach their residents.  It was definitely an enriching 3 years.

One day, my agent Ronnie called and told me he found a very good shop house premise at a very good location in Kovan! It took me and my family 1 day to decide that this will be the place to hold my small tuition :) The rest, as what people always say, is history. The following pics are the renovation process:

The original state:



The process:


And finally… tada!

Will upload more photos in due time :)

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Interesting yet somewhat true comment

This is what my sec 1 student exclaimed on whatsapp yesterday:

“No sleep = no concentration = cannot study well = fail exams = no gd grades = sad parents = cannot go JC and then no money (to) buy clothes and then = so ugly (be)cause no money = no prince charming = sad life = single forever :(“

Technically as a Maths teacher I would say they are not equal to each other. But somehow or rather they are interlinked. To summarise from her whatsapp, no sleep = single forever! People remember to sleep early!

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