Interesting yet somewhat true comment

This is what my sec 1 student exclaimed on whatsapp yesterday:

“No sleep = no concentration = cannot study well = fail exams = no gd grades = sad parents = cannot go JC and then no money (to) buy clothes and then = so ugly (be)cause no money = no prince charming = sad life = single forever :(“

Technically as a Maths teacher I would say they are not equal to each other. But somehow or rather they are interlinked. To summarise from her whatsapp, no sleep = single forever! People remember to sleep early!

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It’s Teachers’ day!

A VERY BIG thank you to all students who spend so much money and effort on the presents! Receiving these made our ‘sweat and blood’ all the more worthwhile! But nothing beats seeing improved grades and witnessing young boys and girls maturing into young and responsible adults. Way to go people!

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Gambatte to all my students taking their ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels!

This is the last stretch and I know you guys are mugging hard! Remember to eat chicken essence, vitamin Cs, and monkey brains if you manage to get your hands on it! Feel free to call/ sms/ whatsapp/ iMessage/ tweet me if you have any questions. Will reply as soon as I’m available. Remember your desired grades and reach for it!

Photo by nghichan.

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