Saying goodbye is often the hardest

By the end of 2014, 22 of my students would have completed their ‘O’s and ‘A’s. Some of them are my 1-1 students, while some came to my house for group tuition, and the rest are students in Punggol Gardens and Compassvale Lodge RCs. This means I would not be seeing them anymore! It seems that after all these years, I have not gotten used to students leaving~ @_@
Some have been with me since 2011, and the only farewell was the last lesson where we were working so hard for the impending Maths papers. Well, people move on, and I wish the best in their future endeavour. My only wish? is that students come up and say hi when they see me on the streets :)

Jiahui, Firdaus, Winnie, Natalie, Jazper, Yuki, Jared, Venus, Sheryl, Jun, Athalia, Sianghui, Darren, Eyren, En ze, Justin, Juwin, Xuanhui, Remus, Xuan yun, Kwoek Zhen, Samuel. You guys have been great!

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