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Interesting yet somewhat true comment

This is what my sec 1 student exclaimed on whatsapp yesterday:

“No sleep = no concentration = cannot study well = fail exams = no gd grades = sad parents = cannot go JC and then no money (to) buy clothes and then = so ugly (be)cause no money = no prince charming = sad life = single forever :(“

Technically as a Maths teacher I would say they are not equal to each other. But somehow or rather they are interlinked. To summarise from her whatsapp, no sleep = single forever! People remember to sleep early!

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School is starting.. tomorrow~~

YESSssss the date that every student dreads is finally here.. 03/01/12.

It signals the end of freedom, shopping, movies, late nights, spamming on Fb and twitter and Skype, and the list goes on..

Lets warmly welcome endless homework, grouchy teachers, demanding principals, time consuming tuitions, tiring CCA days!

And not to forget naggy parents (sorry parents!), high expections, boring classes, blar blar blar..

Well looking at the positive side at least there will be friends suffering with you together! The only consolation is that you are not alone..   :) Welcome back ladies and gentlemen!


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You have been inspiring!

This entry is specially set up for students or parents to drop words of appreciation for their tutors. Feel free to express yourself!

“Sometimes all we need is a little appreciation. At the same time, let us not forget to appreciate others around us.” – Anonymous

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