From students, for Mr Woo

Andy is very receptive. He is also active in finding and adapting to my learning style.

St Gabriel Sec, Sec 2

Andy is good. I can understand concepts fast when he taught me questions I don’t know. Homework given is just nice. Since he came I have been scoring A1s for my CT1 and SA1 and for the tiny tests. Overall, I got 88/100, 87/100. There was once I got 89/100!

St Joseph Convent, Sec 1

Mr Woo is a nice tutor who teaches well. I can understand what he is saying quite fast. If I have any doubts he would clarify them quickly. Thumbs up!

Chi Lin
Chung Cheng High Main, Sec 4

Mr Woo is responsible and dedicated and is able to clear all my queries by putting them in much simpler terms.

Si Xian
Nan Chiau High, Sec 5

Andy is persistent in making me achieve A1, which i finally did it in my EOY exams!

Bishan Park, Sec 3

Mr Woo can explain well and the concepts are easy to understand. He is also active and patient. Clap clap! – Thank you very much for being so patient in teaching my weakest subject! P.S: Forgive me if I forgot some stuff you taught me. Memory very bad.

Rong Jian
Guangyang Sec, Sec 2

Andy has helped my maths improved tremendously and my results has been very satisfactory ever since. I am also glad that he is a Manchester United Fan.

En Ze
Ang Mo Kio Sec, Sec 1

Mr Woo helped me improve a lot! Yeah! And like, if he weren’t teaching me I think I would screw  flunk my exams!

CHIJ Top Payoh, Sec 3