Fights never solve anything

Fights among students never solve anything. Both parties will only get hurt.

You might think that infront of your peers, you have to show how fearless you are by not backing down from a challenge. But in reality, you are only showing how immature you really are.

Only children fight, over the most trivial of things, because they have not yet developed a sense of logical thinking.

Mature adults, on the other hand, handle these things differently. Someone may disturb or challenge you. But you play it cool. You show no fear, but totally ignore the other party. He may throw your things around, call you names, or make fun of you. But you show no expression. Show that you will not be budged by his immature tauntings.

In the end, the person who looks like an absolute fool is this other person, who is trying so very hard to get a reaction from you. In this case, VICTORY is yours.

You can smile, because due to you not having any adverse reaction, the other party will get into trouble with the discipline committee. And the last laugh will go to you.

So Ladies and Gentlemen, REMEMBER, play it cool, victory is yours, without you needing to even lift a finger.

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